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tv   Kino - Special Guest - Director Dani Levy  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2018 5:15pm-5:30pm CET

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a cyborg i must say words and design my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use my implants on a daily basis that optimize the human body and connect people more effectively. i hope that this will make us more ethical persons what would life be like as a cyborg and what do you think will happen society does the human race do need to upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this cyborgs human machines starting february first on t w. who. hi welcome to a special edition of kino movie magazine these are the offices of production
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company in berlin we're here because we're here to celebrate one of the company's founders daniel levy levy is an actor he's a producer he's a screenwriter but above all is a director a director of films that have a very special place in german. boy. an infant. johnny levy jumps for joy at the comedy director's biggest success came in two thousand and five go for six german film prizes including best film and best director the jewish comedy about a strange brothers set in modern germany was also a hit at the box office. i don't. believe he's most controversial film was a comedy about. starring hell. hitler and hell on his
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presentational skills from a jewish coach someone from a concentration camp. when he. was a couple. navy works intensively with his own songbook but this comedy was just too black for. the meat and fish. life is too long could be seen as autobiographical the hero is a film director and donnie levy's own daughter plays a role. that needs to get something. done he navy is also an actor a screenwriter. and a producer he's one of the co-founders of one of germany's most innovative film
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production companies for more than thirty years he has been pushing his unique view of the work on the big screen movies that are often personal and surprising. and we're joined now by daniel levy hello welcome to kino thank you. my first question is perhaps a really stupid one. why. why comedy why did you choose comedy to tell the type of stories you want to tell because they're often on the surface quite dark stories. ok first of all it seems that i. may i might not have a comic life but i have comic expression at least i see comedy in a lot of things that i experienced in the way. life is sometimes so tough and unbearable in the way i think that humor and laugh and the laughs
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it's really you know. but also help in the way off. your on the standing. conflicts that we have especially in relationships with family or with friends and i think you can say your work is within the sort of context of the jewish tradition how would you define sort of the jewish jewish jewish comedy i don't even think about it but born into that it's something that it's me it's my cultural. upbringing jewish humor is always i think it's warm hearted in general i think it can be quite subversive in a way it's really it's not you know it's not just. screwball so it's funny it's always tragical behind the humor it's always tragic behind comedy probably the most famous film. and that's really truly authentic road german jewish comedy
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something we have probably seen since the one nine hundred thirty s. . the story is you have the berlin jews not very religious for money and death in order to get his mother's inheritance he has to fulfill her dying which wishes to make peace with his orthodox jewish brother. which is if you listen to superman the minute it's. just something. you would hear too fearful to. go for took it was it was a huge hit here here in germany why do you think that was i mean why do you think germans really went for. this was the right thing not the right time i think it was luck already also i mean.
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the broadcast. stations. at first they they were afraid to do it they thought ok could you know people could feel it would be anti-semitic because you could laugh about jews and i said no this is a more modern way of dealing with jewishness it's like we're not laughing at them but with them they sold it by germany was waiting for and first jewish comedy happening in germany now and without the holocaust it's like jews believe it or not continue living here. i don't mean what it mean for you personally that it was so successful here because i mean germans really embraced the film. it was overwhelming. but then. how can they say. i know how to profit. and the movie that i made right
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after it was mine fuel. was exactly i could make it once in my life and i made it i knew exactly this is the most subversive movie i can do right now i want to make a movie. filled with hate that i had against you know all the movies that were made in this country about the nazis that i thought that doesn't work at all we have a clip to set it up it's hitler and he got this actor out of the camps a jewish actor out of the camps to train him to do a big speech that just doesn't hold if you know the price will. be cheaper and i'll be going to. want to be different. so what do you then learn from that experience of making your most extreme controversial film i learnt it's never too far just go further just go further
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further i mean i tried to be as extreme as i can i mean it's really it's really hard because you're surrounded by people who are trying to. convince you that you need to be reasonable and that you need to make sense and you need to you know to to control your risk but that's not the case i think movie is there for adventure and it's for there to you know to stretch the limits and to to go as far as you can well. new film where you've got a family which is pretty pretty much every psychosis known to man you've got manic depressive bipolar disorder a.d.h. d. the whole group and right in the middle is a single mom who sort of on assault from all sides. and see this man and. i'm going.
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oh and. for this film for a bit where of wonder. why did you want to tell the story i mean why should we care about this this this truly crazy family first of all i think we're all crazy right i mean. it's or this are in the midst of our society we know that it's pretty hard to survive in this world i mean we all we're all desperate about their lives in the way some people are more or less happy with what they do and some people do have to do have the highs and lows where the main the balance but all the people don't and i thought this is something that's really worth the comedy come to me in. many ways. the fact that it sounds like it's
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it's a tragedy but then the reality they so much bipolar comedy in it because the tragic moments can be comic in the comic moments kind of. that the the single mother. is also that there are heroes times because there's so many first of all and they really have to manage a complicated life first they do have a symbiotic life with a child or children plus they do have to make a living and they have family life or they were in the. complex. and see if something seems to them a sense of that. and that was for me was very important thing that i wanted to dedicate this movie to all the women that are not. you know in the in the situation to fulfill their lives
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i do think comedy can help when it comes to psychological disorder the general sort of chaos of life comedy can always help i think i mean i don't i'm not. i don't believe it changes the world but they can help understanding maybe sometimes by empathy it's like you bring in the light into a dark cell and then you would say look at it it looks pretty weird and it looks complicated but if we light it. they some good aspects and they sometimes i see movies. that are really burdening me and i go through pain and i go through laughter and they go through desperation the way and i come out and they're like a few days after i feel like their work is like somebody relaxed some
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kind of not in my soul something is like it's like a new it's more flowing in my inside my heart in the way well used to keeping your flow going for a long time let me thank you so much for joining us you're welcome that was our keynote special with daniel levy more on mr levy and his films on our website we're back next week until then see at the movies. from austria to brenda. the force especially monks has come to bring life back to noise. no monks have lived here for two hundred his. so what
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